Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 10 Creepy Kids in a Horror Movie

10. Henry
"Hey Mark, don't f*ck with me."

Movie: The Good Son
The little boy who looked so nice was so evil. Henry was a master manipulator who had his parents fooled. He murdered his baby brother over a bath toy. Killed the dog for a thrill. Who knows how many birds and squirrels are buried under his clubhouse.

9. Joshua
"No one will ever love you."

Movie: Joshua
The child prodigy who really wanted to be an only child. The arrival of a little sister puts a kink in his reality. Like pieces on a chess board Joshua moves the adults in his life around to create the family he always dreamed of.

8. Gage
"Sometimes dead is better."

Movie: Pet Semetary

Indian burial ground turns adorable tyke into scalpel wielding slasher. The old man next door gets his throat ripped out. Mom gets a hug and a knife through the eye. One kid that really needs a time out.

7. Carol Ann

"They're here."

Movie: Poltergeist

It is not Carol Ann's fault that she could hear the TV people in the static. It is not her fault her house was built over a cemetery. Or that the cemetery was built over a cavern where a Utopian cult died. Rev. Kane's special girl is seriously creepy even if she doesn't do it intentionally.

6. The Grady Twins

"Come play with us, Danny."

Movie: the shining

Poor little girls got hacked up by Daddy because the hotel told him to do it. Now they roam the halls looking for new playmates. And they talk in unison. That is just weird.

5. Barto

"Jumby wants to be born now."

Movie: The Unborn
The demon child created by Hitler's favorite Doctor. He just wants to be a real boy. Too bad he has to steal the soul of your unborn child and replace it with his own to achieve it.

4. Sam
"Always check your candy."

Movie: trick r treat

Is Sam really a child? Well, kind of. As the child of Halloween he is in charge of making sure you follow the rules. If you don't he might come knock on your door.

3. Alessa/Sharon

"Now is the end of days and I am the reaper!"

Movie: Silent Hill

Not the creepiest kid on the list but she is my favorite. If anybody had loads of pain and suffering coming it was the residents of Silent Hill. As awful as it is to watch I cannot help but cheer for her.

2. Raegan macneil

“What an excellent day for an exorcism.”

Movie: The Exorcist

Does she need any explanations? This child had been scaring us for over 30years. Can you name the scene that disturbed you the most? For me it was the spider crawl down the stairs.

1. Samara Morgan

“Everyone will suffer.”

Samara could burn images into your mind. She caused the horses on her adoptive parents ranch to commit suicide. Her biological mom tried to drown her. Adoptive mom smothered her with a trash bag and threw her down a well. Even in death she torments you for seven days before climbing out of the tv to retrieve you.

-Evil Lyn

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