Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting to know Sue A. Cide

TheScaryScoop: What is the first horror movie that truly affected you?
SueA.Cide: I remember seeing Pet Semetary at a slumber party when I was 10 or 11 and it traumatized me! That's the movie that made me afraid of cute little toddlers who 'wanted to play.' Seriously! I stayed away from babysitting for that reason!

TSS: So, you're afraid of children?
SA.C: Children in horror movies are a special kind of scary. Whether they're doing the killing or being killed, it all has to do with innocence lost. In 'real life,' children don't scare me...unless they have a scalpel or sharp object pointed at me. But, that's pretty rare.

TSS: What is your all-time favorite horror movie?
SA.C: That's tough. There are so many! Most of my favorites are French though! I loved High Tension and could watch it over and over again. Inside was brilliant even though a lot of people thought it was too violent. Martyrs was amazing; so was Them. I'm all about French horror! More blood, more violence.

TSS: Is there any horror movie you absolutely hated or were disappointed in?
SA.C: Actually, I was disappointed by Hostel. I expected more violence and more torture. I don't hate it. I've watched it several times. It just wasn't what I was expecting. I prefer the second one actually. The Elizabeth Bathory blood bath scene is kind of hot.

TSS: What horror film have you most recently watched?
SA.C: I watched a Thai film called Dorm. It was a not-so-scary ghost story, but it was still a really good movie. I subscribe to Netflix just so I can watch indie and foreign horror films. I'm a junkie.

TSS: It's rare for many females to like horror movies. To whom do you credit your love of horror?
SA.C: My mom, definitely. I remember growing up and watching Friday the 13th with her when I was under the age of 8. I've always loved horror...for as long as I can remember!

TSS: How do you feel about all the recent horror remakes?
SA.C: Ugh...don't get me started! It's ridiculous! Some of the movies being remade are classics! I hated the Halloween remake! Hated it! I hear there's a remake of The Birds coming...Hellraiser, The Orphanage, Martyrs... All being remade or Americanized! It's so sad. Where's all the originality and creativity?! It's a sad commentary, that's for sure.

TSS: Is there any upcoming horror movie you're anxious to see?
SA.C: I'm stoked about the next installment of Silent Hill. It will either be a prequel or a sequel. The Last Exorcism looks good and, as is tradition, I'm looking forward to Saw 7 3-D. It's been my Halloween tradition for the last 6 years!

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