Friday, June 11, 2010

The Crazies (2010)

3 0ut of 5

Welcome to Ogden Marsh, Iowa! A rural, farming town where everyone knows each other. Just don't drink the water. Sheriff David Dutton, his wife Dr. Dutton, Deputy Clank and teenager Becca must try to elude the military and the crazy townsfolk in an effort to survive. Even though it is a remake I was pleased with the originality. This is not a zombie movie even though is was set up with all the markers for one. I jumped several times. It was tense. I knew something was going to jump out at me. The director plays on this by supplying tons of opportunity. You never know if you are seeing just background or if it is a set up. Maybe not a film you want to own in your collection but it is rentable.

*****SPOILERS From here on out*****

The fun starts at the high school baseball game when Rory, the former town drunk, shows up on the field with a shotgun under his arm. Next, a loving father roasts his wife and son. What could possibly be the cause? Maybe the huge plane in the Ogden Marsh water source? Bingo! Seems the plane crashed with a bio weapon names Trixie. Trixie turns you into an insane murderer before finally killing you with cerebral hemorrhages. The sheriff figures out quick that things are going wrong when all the phones and Internet are down. Enter the military to quarantine Ogden Marsh. They split the population in two groups. Those with a fever get strapped down to a bed and left in the high school to rot. The ones that appear to be healthy are given a chance to take the bus out of town.

Dr Dutton is pregnant. You may not be aware that being pregnant can cause the mother to run a low grade fever. Sheriff Dutton is sent to the buses. He cannot leave his wife so sneaks back into the town to rescue her. One of my favorite lines from the movie is when another husband tries to tell the sheriff to leave town without her.

David Dutton: Don't ask me why I can't leave without my wife and I won't ask you why you can.

Sheriff Dutton meets up with Deputy Clank at the police station and the two head to the High School. Dr. dutton and Becca are saved just before the principal tries to fork them. That will make a lot more sense when you see the movie. All the cars in town are booted. No transportation out of town, except for the one on blocks in the sheriff's barn. Convenient.

We get to see the military reaction to survivors running free. Not favorable. deputy clank is acting a little funny. Becca is coughing. Every one is feeling a little tense. To make matters worse they get to the car and get it running but, it does not last long. A helicopter forces them into a car wash with crazy attendants still on site. Becca "hangs" behind. Oh, bad pun. As the team tries to get becca down and revive her the helicopter swings around and and blows up the car. BTW, Becca is not coming back any time soon. Our deputy really begins to loose his grip. Another great quote is when he finally realizes how far gone he is.

Russell Clank: I'm not right, am I?

Your heart kind of goes out to him in that moment. He turns out to be a true hero when he sacrifices what little time he has left to give the Dutton's a chance to escape. Sheriff and Dr. Dutton make it to the Quick Fill truck stop where all the healthy residents were taken. Remember when I told you that they were bused out? Well they were actually rounded up into cattle cars, shot, and then burned. Yikes. Two people are all that is left of Ogden Marsh.

Time is ticking away and the military is planning to drop a bomb to cleanse the area. Time to find a car and drive like the wind! Of course there would be a few more crazy people between them and freedom. When the bomb drops they barely make it far enough to survive. In truth I think the fall out would be an issue. That baby might be born extra special. The movie ends with the weary Duttons heading into cedar Rapids. A plane overhead logs their coordinates. An order is issued to begin containment protocol. Sequel maybe? Honestly, I hope not.


This film is a remake of the 1973 version.

Cameo: [Lynn Lowry] who costarred in the original version of The Crazies (1973), as an infected local riding a bicycle through the deserted center of town.

If you read the graffiti on the jail cell wall, one appears to say "Romero".

- Evil Lyn

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